A Pilot’s Nightmare – BTS?

I recently shot a very odd sketch for a class assignment. The intent was to be corny and satire, and we made the best of what we had. Let me explain.

Initially the idea we had was to use the Phantom 3 Drone and mock a flyaway scene, where the intro to the sketch was near identical, however instead of the drone “crashing”, it flew off and the pilot was left to chase the drone down. Except we had encountered a major issue two days before shooting:

Matthew, the ‘pilot’ is the owner of the drone. He managed to crash and total

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.54.40 AM
The Phantom 3.. without a camera…

the drone two days before. It can fly about two feet off of the ground. And it’s missing its camera system entirely.


We made due with what we had and ultimately ended up with what seems to be a pretty funny video. I’m happy with the end product and I’d say it was a general success.


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